(The Post Millennial) – On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had a lot to say about the recent elections held on Tuesday, in which Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia governorship and defeated Democrat contender Terry McAuliffe.

“But, it was not a good night, so let’s just not get away from that,” stated a visibly flustered Pelosi. She acknowledged when pressed that “it would have been better” if Democrats had voted on Biden’s $1.1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package before Tuesday as McAuliffe had been calling on Congress to do.

However, she declined to assess if House Democrats were partly to blame for the Democrat’s loss, saying she was awaiting more “data.”

Pelosi also declined to state that congressional leaders had the votes to pass two key pieces of budget legislation, after reportedly telling colleagues they could vote on the infrastructure agenda as soon as Thursday and the Biden administration’s Build Back Better plan on Friday morning.

“We’re going to pass both bills. But in order to do so we have to have votes for both bills. And that’s where we are,” Pelosi said cryptically in her speech at a Capitol press conference Thursday following the Nov. 2 elections.

Youngkin was victorious in the Virginia gubernatorial election despite national implications that McAuliffe was once expected to win. Polls in Virginia showed that education became a pressing issue among voters in the state. Surveys indicated that McAuliffe had lost support from parents on the matter.

Not only did the Democrats lose the Virginia gubernatorial race, the party got quite a scare in the state of New Jersey. Incumbent Gov. Phil Murphy barely eked out a win in the nail-biter race against Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli.