(The Post Millennial) – House Democratic leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi will step down at the end of this congressional term, right as the GOP are expected to take the House in the 2022 midterms, according to the Washington Post.

Multiple polls have shown that the Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives, and have a shot at the Senate. President Biden’s leadership is widely unpopular, and he leads the Democrat party.

Pelosi’s departure, and the return of the House to the GOP, will serve as a significant check on Biden’s power.

Hakeem Jeffries of New York is the favorite to take over Pelosi’s position as leader of the Democrats in the House. House leadership will have a tough time enacting Joe Biden’s sweeping agenda from a minority position. If the GOP takes the house, Kevin McCarthy, who serves as Minority Leader, would be slated to be Speaker.

“I think we want leadership that bridges some of the different ideological wings of the party, that is committed to listening to all of the perspectives, that will be capable of helping move the Senate or things that have stalled in the House, and has a bold vision of what we need to achieve for the American public,” said Ro Khanna, a Democrat representative for California.

There is an intense debate going on within the Democratic Party caucus over whether the role of House Democratic leader should change. Some Democrats want the new leader to devolve power to the fringes of the party.
Others have said they want this position to be taken by a visible minority.

Pelosi has served for nearly 19 years as the House Democratic leader. Her tenure has seen her work with four presidents.