(The Post Millennial) – Included in a new book about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop scandal is a text message exchange between Hunter and his therapist wherein they joke about Joe Biden having dementia.

On Tuesday, Miranda Devine’s new book, “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide,” appeared on shelves across the nation. It detailed the story of Hunter Biden’s now infamous laptop scandal, but also includes new insight into how President Biden’s son views his father’s mental health.

In January 2019, just months before Joe Biden launched his campaign for president, Hunter exchanged text messages with his therapist and friend, Keith Ablow.

As Fox News reported, according to Devine the conversation involved a discussion about Democratic presidential candidates, but soon turned to the subject of Joe Biden. “Your dad is the answer,” Ablow said. “Any man who can triumph over dementia is a giant. Think what he could do for our nation’s needed recovery.”

“You’re such an *sshole,” replied Hunter, “but that made me laugh out loud.”

“Perhaps he can help us remember all we intended to be as a people since he can now remember his address,” Ablow continued, to which Hunter replied that his father “doesn’t need to [know]where he lives” because “that’s the only thing the secret service get[s]right at least 75% of the time.”

The book goes on to recount another conversation between the two wherein Ablow asks Hunter whether his father can recall the details of anything these days. Hunter appears to say no, adding, “since it’s all fake news anyway I don’t see the problem.”

There has long been scepticism regarding President Biden’s mental health, with rumours circulating that he may indeed have dementia. The White House released the results from his first physical exam last month, however a cognitive test was not performed.