The New York Police Department seems to be providing President Donald Trump with protection from excessive media coverage as he arrives and departs from the Manhattan courthouse daily, as reported.

The New York Times reported:

“Trump continues to receive favorable treatment from the New York City Police Department. For a week, a large N.Y.P.D. dump truck has parked in the intersection of Hogan Place and Centre Street, with a uniformed driver sitting inside. Minutes before Trump’s arrival each morning, the dump truck has pulled a half-car length forward, blocking news photographers’ views of him entering the side door of the courthouse. And this afternoon, like those before it, the driver did the same maneuver for Trump’s 2:37 p.m. departure.”

The NYPD’s treatment of Trump followed his attendance at a commemoration ceremony in March for a New York City police officer who was killed in the line of duty. On the same day, Biden participated in a high-dollar fundraiser with Barack Obama.

During Biden’s administration, crime and migrant crime have plagued the nation. Trump expressed his concerns about this issue to Breitbart News in March, referring to it as a new form of crime in the United States known as ‘migrant crime.’ Trump emphasized the severity of this problem, highlighting the dangers posed by some migrants.

Throughout his presidency, Trump prioritized “law and order” in response to the unrest that occurred nationwide in 2020. As a result, a significant number of police and law enforcement organizations showed their support for Trump over Biden. In 2020, the Trump campaign estimated that approximately 900,000 officers endorsed him.