Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), has been captured on a hidden camera making remarks that suggest January 6 was orchestrated as a hoax. In the video, released by CitizenLens in a manner similar to Project Veritas, Pelosi is seen conversing with a Jan. 6 defendant, allegedly for her documentary on the event.

She discusses the perceived political motives behind the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, portraying them as a marketing ploy to manipulate public opinion and influence the 2022 mid-term elections, with the goal of damaging President Donald Trump and benefiting the Democratic Party.

“After the Democrats lose the House and then they get rid of the committee, people may lose interest,” Pelosi says in the video.

“The first trials are gonna get a lot of attention.

“It’s like [an]anniversary; the first one is a big deal…

“No one’s gonna care after the Democrats are out of power.

“And then take Biden out of office, then who cares?…

“I know you’re not the bad guys [to the Jan 6 defendant]…

“If it was an insurrection… you were supposed to have a plan….

“You’re going to be able to laugh about this one day.”

She proceeds to recount her acquaintance with Gavin McInnes, the alleged former leader of the Proud Boys, revealing that she used to socialize with him.

Simultaneously, Alexandra Pelosi has been capitalizing on the events of January 6. In addition to the political narratives generated by the Democrats from the incident, Pelosi has been actively promoting her documentary centered around the so-called “insurrection.” The corporate media aligned with the Democrats has shown notable enthusiasm for the film.