(The Post Millennial) – On Saturday evening, Portland Police turned out in numbers to prevent Halloween “direct action” and mass violence planned by a youth Antifa group in the area.

Leading up to Oct. 30, the night before Halloween, the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front announced that it would be holding an event that night.

“Tricks and treats in Portland this weekend!” The organization wrote on Twitter, adding the time and date that the “Devil’s Night Bash” would take place.

A flyer told those invited to “wear black, bring a friend and a trick up your sleeve” to Colonel Summers Park at 8 pm. On the night of the event though, it was reported by The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large Andy Ngo that the Portland police had come out in full force to stop the planned violence.

“In an unusual turn of events, @PortlandPolice turned up in numbers to surveil the #antifa Halloween direct action & prevent planned mass violence. Antifa are furious they were pulled over & forced to show driver’s ID. Multiple were issued citations for hiding license plates,” wrote Ngo on Twitter.

Twitter user @acabapril wrote that she was “hearing word that pigs are out in big numbers,” noting that the police are attempting to track who was going to Colonel Summers Park. “Be careful about parking and where you bloc up/debloc tonight.”

Some Twitter users questioned the PNW YLF’s decision to tweet out the time and location of the Antifa direct action.

@j_mmaius criticized the PNW YLF, saying “poorly planned actions are dangerous! Put some planning in! Organizing is not tweeting out.”

The Twitter user was responding to another tweet, which said “a comrade” was followed by police for six blocks with “a spotlight on their back by a cruiser.”

“I honestly don’t understand why the YFL posted the physical flyer that was handed out to people,” wrote another Twitter user. “Should that have been offline?”

“Tonight, PPB’s tactic was protest suppression & fear mongering. They targeted ppl & pulled them over 2 both take down info & instill fear. I got pulled over with an excessive # of cops on me, 3 bulls-t citations, it was very targeted. There were cops everywhere circling the park,” wrote another Twitter user.

Earlier this month, the city experienced yet another riot, where fires were set in the streets. Portland has experienced countless riots since the death of George Floyd in May of 2020, causing immense damage across the city.