(The Post Millennial) – After it was revealed last week that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ notable absence from the public eye was due in part to caring for his wife while she undergoes breast cancer treatment, one journalist is calling for the governor to resign “If he can’t govern and be there for his wife.”

“Spin, spin spin. While I feel for his wife, cancer treatments take a few hours. He is the governor of a state in crisis. If he can’t govern and be there for his wife he should resign,” wrote journalist Lesley Abravanel on Twitter.

DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw responded to her tweet, saying simply: “Miami Herald, come get your girl.”

Abravanel has retweeted or tweeted numerous times about DeSantis’s absence and him taking care of his wife, on numerous occasions implying that DeSantis is lying about his public absence. She has also slammed DeSantis and his wife’s appearance at a concert and football game on New Year’s Eve, pointing out that his wife is immunocompromised.