(The Post Millennial) – Whoopi Goldberg, lead host and mainstay of “The View,” told her fellow talk show hosts how surprised she was about getting COVID despite doing all the appropriate precautionary measures.

Joy Behar treated her as an old friend when Whoopi first popped up on the screen. She complimented Goldberg’s shirt that said “OVER IT” on the front, because no doubt Ms. Goldberg was “over it” by the time of this interview.

“They sent people to test me and they tested me and it was like ‘oh no you’re not coming back. We’re not sending anybody to your house, you have Corona. And it was like ‘wait what?’ It was a shock because I’m triple vaxxed. I haven’t been anywhere, I haven’t done anything. But that’s the thing about the Omicron, you just don’t know where it is.”

Whoopi Goldberg was surprised since she thought she did “everything” she was “supposed to do.”

Behar said Whoopi had a “serious” pneumonia case in the past few years and it made the gang concerned, but Goldberg was confident given this situation. She believed the CDC, ABC, and CBS protocols were outlined in enough detail that “The View” host knew what she had to do.

Whoopi acknowledged that she’s fortunate because she’s rich and has family around her. And she has a big enough house with enough places to hide from other members of the household.

This news comes as “The View” is trying to replace Meghan McCain, but incapable of finding the right “Goldilocks” conservative that’d fit the show’s standards.

When it comes to what other politicians in DC have said thus far – Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Ayanna Pressley have also espoused the same lines about how important it was that they all had their COVID booster shot.

The backdrop of everything going right now with the pandemic is the recent Omicron COVID variant that prioritizes infectiousness despite the downgrades to overall severity. When Vice President Kamala Harris tried going on “The View” back in September, it was stymied by false-positive COVID-19 tests that created confusion before she went on air.