(The Post Millennial) – On Thursday, a Minneapolis jury found former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter guilty of all charges in connection to the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright.

Potter claimed that she accidentally shot Wright on April 11, 2021, after she mistakenly reached for her pistol rather than her taser during a traffic stop.

Potter was arrested in April, and charged with first- and second-degree manslaughter charges.

According to NBC, “The charges carry a maximum sentence of 15 years and 10 years, respectively.”

During Potter’s testimony last week, she tearfully described the “chaotic” scene leading up to the shooting.

Wright was being arrested for an outstanding weapons charge and attempted to enter his car again. Potter stated that she feared for the safety of fellow officer Sgt. Mychal Johnson, who was reportedly struggling with Wright from the passenger side of his vehicle.

Potter had her Glock fostered on her right hip, and her Taser holstered on her left. Footage played by the prosecution showed Potter holding the Glock in her hand for around five seconds before she shot.