(The Post Millennial) – National Educators United has a public request for the Biden White House as to how schools should be reopened in the 2022 school year.

Earlier this year, it was made clear through FOIA requests that teachers unions dictated to the CDC some of the terms of how to reopen schools across the United States.

It takes viewers to a form letter page where National Educators United conveys what they want to express to the Biden White House. They wish for widespread COVID testing, air purifiers, free masks throughout school districts, as well as reduced class sizes.

“Educators, Parents, Students, and Community members across the nation stand united in support of President Biden’s Covid mitigation strategy “test to stay.” We support testing at least twice a week in order to remain in school with Covid negative test results. We support this approach for a safer in-person learning environment. But, in light of Omicron and variants that follow, more protections are required.”

This is despite President Biden’s earlier commentary about how there’s no “federal solution” to COVID and it’s up for individual states to figure out amongst themselves. Before the winter break, three Democrats tested positive for COVID-19 in rapid succession.

“Record-breaking COVID transmission rates nationwide, coupled with a scarcity of covid tests and N-95 masks for all, forces students and educators to return from Winter Break to school buildings that are no longer safe. A national two-week pause of in-person learning, at minimum, ensures the safety of students, public-education workers, and our communities. Globally, science has shown that a two-week or more pause can reduce schools to households spread even when community infection is high.”

Earlier in December, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki mocked the idea of mailing free COVID tests to Americans. It was only a few weeks later that the Biden administration finalized contracts for 500 million COVID-19 tests, in order to address the rapid onset of Omicron.

“A two-week pause will not only allow time to obtain and distribute test supplies, but also to allow more youth and adults to get vaccinations and boosters. Using schools as vaccination sites fits in with an aggressive strategy to protect our most vulnerable. Currently, most hospitalized youths are unvaccinated; we all need to come together to change this. Schools are supposed to be a place of safety and support. Families should not fear getting COVID when they return to school.”

It’s a controversial topic for Dr. Anthony Fauci who recently on MSNBC admitted that children hospitalized with COVID might’ve not necessarily gone to get medical care in the first place because of the virus, but other factors. Something that Ted Cruz called out.

In 2021, teachers unions made the headlines: the National School Boards Association that tried to sic the FBI against vocal parents who objected to the curriculum their children were being taught. Moreover, Randi Weingarten celebrated the move.

As for the National Education Association – one of their members went on a rant wishing death against the unvaccinated.