(The Post Millennial) – A pregnant US citizen and resident of California, known to the public only by her first name of Nasria, has managed to leave Afghanistan and is on her way back to the US as of Friday.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who has been working hard to advocate for the many American citizens still trapped in Afghanistan, confirmed on social media on Friday night that Nasria had boarded a rescue flight in Kabul bound for Doha Qatar.

Nasria had previously made the news on Sept. 3 2021, when she was interviewed over the phone. At that time, she was describing her situation and saying that she was running out of hope that the State Department would be able to rescue her.

According to an interview with Fox News, Rep. Issa said that women like Nasria had every reason to fear for her life and safety, stating that she had undergone “beatings and harassment” on more than one occasion by the Taliban terrorist extremists who currently control the city of Kabul.

Apparently, one Taliban member even went as far as to kick Nasria in the stomach.

Issa further stated that, while Nasria has managed to get out of Afghanistan, her husband, who is an Afghani citizen, has had to remain behind.

It’s not clear how many American citizens and their Afghan allies are still stranded in Afghanistan, where they are in danger of being targeted by the Taliban and others. The State Department insists that the number is close to 100, but others working on the ground claim that that estimate is very much too low.

Notably, Mazar-e-Sharif airport has still not been allowing flights to take off, complicating the situation for many stranded would-be evacuees from that area.