LAPD detective and Police Protective League Director Jamie McBride appeared on FOX News Monday, telling the public that the police are incapable of keeping people safe, comparing the environment in LA to that of “The Purge.”

McBride then went on to talk about recent changes such as Proposition 47, which brought in new sentencing guidelines and a new zero-bail policy put into place, which he claims makes the city wind up with more criminals on the street at any given time than ever.

“My message to anybody considering coming to Los Angeles, especially during the holiday season is: don’t,” McBride starts in. He continues:

“We can’t guarantee your safety. It is really really out of control. I’ve said it before; it’s like that movie, ‘The Purge’, but, instead of 24 hours to commit your crime, these people have 365 days to commit whatever [crime]they want.”

Sarah Veenstra, who had just recently moved from Wisconsin, also commented on the situation, saying:

“It’s pretty scary walking at night.”

“I genuinely thought [where I’m living now]would be a safe area; it turned out not to be as safe as I thought.”

“I’m definitely carrying something [for personal protection]on me every time I walk out of the house when it’s dark out,” commented Veenstra.

The rise in crime has caused Los Angeles County to increase police funding by $36 million back in Mar. 2021, but the city is still confronting a crime wave which continues to spiral out of control.