(BLP) – After deciding to pursue a $25 million defamation lawsuit against Houston Methodist Hospital, Dr. Mary Bowden was kicked off Twitter.

Dr. Bowden talked to journalist Emily Miller about her Twitter ban.

In November of 2021, the hospital publicly criticized Dr. Bowden for propagating Covid “misinformation” online after she took public positions criticizing Wuhan virus vaccine mandates. She particularly struck a nerve by criticizing the mandates that Houston Methodist carried out.

Upon learning that several patients were rejected due to their unvaccinated status, Dr. Bowden announced she would start prioritizing unvaccinated patients.

As Christina Maas of Reclaim the Net noted, YouTube also deleted Dr. Bowden’s press conference where she announced her plan to file a lawsuit.

Dr. Bowden’s press conference announcing that she planned to sue was also deleted by YouTube.

The otolaryngology specialist was rudely surprised by the attacks Houston Methodist launched against her.

“Eight months ago, I received probably one of the most startling text messages I have ever received in my life,” she said to reporters during a press conference where she announced the lawsuit on August 1, 2022. “And it was a reporter from the Houston Chronicle asking me to confirm: ‘Is it true that your privileges have been suspended from Houston Methodist?’”

After receiving the text message about the reported suspension of her privileges at Houston Methodist, she discovered an email sent out by the hospital announcing the suspension of Dr. Bowden’s privileges. The hospital sent out the news of Dr. Bowden’s suspension to its 23,000 followers:

Dr. Bowden, who has never admitted a patient at Houston Methodist Hospital, is spreading dangerous misinformation which is not based in science.

The hospital’s president Dr. Marc Boom issued statements to the media alleging that Bowden had accused the hospital of turning away unvaccinated patients for treatment. In addition, he alleged that Dr. Bowden used “vulgar and foul language while expressing her opinions.”

In Dr. Bowden’s lawsuit against Houston Methodist and its president, she asserts that the statements made were “materially false” considering she had “kept over 4,000 patients out of the hospital, and no one who has received early treatment under her care has died.”

The lawsuit also makes the case that the hospital’s attacks against Dr. Bowden have negatively impacted her life, which has made her become more self-conscious and fearful in her everyday behavior. Furthermore, the complaint details that a private school in Houston rejected her son’s admission due to “statements published by Methodist.”

Big Tech censorship has gotten out of control. Not only are people’s content being censored, but their reputations are being ruined in the process. What’s unfolding before our eyes in the politicization of all spheres of life — a development that both the government and private sector have enthusiastically carried out.

Big Tech reforms such as the implementation of an Internet Bill of Rights are desperately needed to protect people’s free speech and defend their reputations from online slander and defamation that would hurt them in the real world.