(Lifezette) – Conservative Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo suggested he’d pass on gun lectures from the administration that less than a year ago helped ‘arm’ the Taliban.

The “Hercules” and “Let There Be Light” star suggested the Biden White House could save their breath on gun safety speeches or sermons.

“I don’t need the administration that armed the Taliban lecturing me on gun safety,” he tweeted Tuesday.

Sorbo’s comment is a reference to the nearly billions of dollars in military equipment and training costs provided to security forces in Afghanistan since 2001, much of which was reportedly left behind after Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan admitted that “certainly a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the Taliban.”

The actual number though has been disputed in part because the figure includes the cost of training and housing Afghan police over a 20-year presence in the country.

Sorbo’s ‘gun safety’ comments come following a deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas that claimed the lives of 21 people – including 19 elementary-aged children.

It also comes just weeks after Democrats, who were apoplectic about their ‘right’ to abort babies, suddenly have decided pro-gun Republicans must not care about children if they defend their constitutional rights.

Sorbo offered up further commentary about the gun debate following the Uvalde tragedy.

“Last week the left said ‘If you ban abortions people will just get them illegally,’” he tweeted. “Now they want to ban guns? Won’t people just get them illegally then? How dare you politicize a tragedy to push your idiotic agenda.”

In another, he urged Americans not to “let people who surround themselves with armed security tell you that YOU can’t own a firearm to defend yourself.”