(TPM) – YouTuber Ethan Klein called for the NRA conference in Texas to be bombed.

“Saw there was a big protest outside the NRA meeting which was good,” Klein said Friday. “Do we have any insight into what they’re actually talking about there at the NRA meeting that’s today in Texas? Someone should bomb that building.”

Klein hosts the H3 Podcast with 2.9 million subscribers. The National Rifle Association’s convention is held annually in Houston.

Earlier this year, Klein, who is obese, was embroiled in controversy for criticizing Joe Rogan’s health choices.

His calls for violence also don’t end with his bombing proposal. Klein encouraged his young audience to engage in physical confrontation with NRA supporters and Republicans.

“More people need to be getting loud, more people need to be getting angry, getting in people’s f*cking faces,” he said.

Klein further encouraged violence against Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is paralyzed, saying, “I hope that someone puts a stick in his f*cking wheelchair and he tumbles out of his seat…send Abbott down a hill with nobody to hold the back of his wheelchair.”

Klein prefaced his calls for violence by promoting sales of his new shirts which read “END GUN VIOLENCE.”

Klein’s video violates a number of YouTube’s community guideline policies, including hate speech against the disabled, incitement of violence, and harmful or dangerous content policies.

Many YouTubers have been banned or demonetized for much less offensive violations of YouTube’s guidelines, but Klein has been accused of receiving special treatment from YouTube. His account received strikes for violating the platform’s harassment policy in 2021, but he’s received no significant, lasting consequences for his dangerous behavior.

Klein routinely calls for the banning or demonetization of fellow YouTubers. In a video just last month titled “The LaBrant Family Should Be Kicked Off YouTube,” Klein demanded a family channel be removed for posting a pro-life documentary.

The LaBrants run a prominent Christian family channel and encourage traditional family values — something Klein believes is too extreme to be on the same platform he uses to incite violence.
YouTube did not immediately respond for comment from The Post Millennial.