(CNS News) – Every right that Americans currently enjoy is under assault by the Biden Administration, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) warned Thursday.

From religious freedom to freedom of speech, Americans’ fundamental rights are being threatened by the Biden Administration, Rep. Jordan said in an interview with Fox News:

“Every single right we enjoy as Americans under the First Amendment has been under assault. Your right to practice your faith, your right to assemble, your right to petition the government, freedom of press, freedom of speech — every single one.”

Not only is the ATF working to restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights, other government agencies in the Biden Administration are attacking families and the rights of parents to have a say in the education of their children, Jordan added.

Big Tech censorship is throttling free speech, even though a rule protects social media platforms from liability for the content their users post, Rep. Jordan told Fox News:

“Jordan also slammed Big Tech, calling for a ‘total overhaul’ of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act – a rule that shields social media companies from being held liable for content on their platforms while allowing them to moderate that content.”

It is the duty of all Republicans to alert the public whenever Democrats infringe on Americans’ liberties, Rep. Jordan concluded:

“We need to continue to highlight every time Democrats infringe on Americans’ liberty,” Jordan said. “You have to talk about it, you have to highlight it, you have to make sure the country fully understands it.”