(SNews) – Republican Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) has dropped the hammer on the “Washington managerial elite” during a new interview.

Kennedy went on Fox News and blasted “the elite in Washington” over efforts to cover up allegations against Democrat President Joe Biden and his family.

The senator was speaking about Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal and warned the American people can see what is really going on.

“It’s almost always the cover-up and not the crime, I am repeatedly amazed at how many smart people there are in Washington, D.C. who have no sense,” Kennedy said.

“Look, I don’t know if Mr. Hunter Biden committed a crime, I sure don’t know if President Biden committed a crime.

“We’re trying to get the facts.

“But I do know this, and I think the American people can see it.

“The Washington managerial elite, the establishment, if you will, is working harder than an ugly stripper to cover up what happened.

“And that’s all that Congress is asking for is the facts.

“To the point that they have no sense, the elite in Washington think that the American people don’t see that they’re covering up.

“And that they’re being obstructionists.

“Maybe it’s a reflection of the contempt they have for the American people, but any fair-minded person can see that our effort to get to just the facts are being obstructed.”