An attorney serving also as a spokesperson for former President Donald Trump has proposed that an individual with the necessary authority should investigate special counsel Jack Smith. This comes as she labels all the charges against her client as political “dramatics.”

Alina Habba, the attorney acting as a legal representative for Trump amid his recent indictments, expressed her views during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday” with host Shannon Bream. She further indicated that the assortment of charges against Trump is primarily an attempt to “entangle him” before the 2024 election.

“We remain unconcerned because we are privy to the factual details of the cases, which I cannot divulge due to privilege reasons. However, I can affirm that it’s a ploy to entangle him. It’s undoubtedly political. The motives of Fulton County DA Fani Willis are now being probed by Jim Jordan, and I believe Jack Smith should also undergo investigation,” Habba stated to Bream, according to Fox News.

Habba proceeded to convey that Trump plans to push back the scheduled trial dates, set for early 2024. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has sought an expedited start for Trump’s trial in her case, suggesting a trial as early as this fall.

“Moreover, these trial dates will certainly be rescheduled. It’s unrealistic. It’s a theatrical show, and no judge would agree that one could simultaneously be present at two trials in two different states because many of these matters intersect. They focus on the trial’s commencement date, but these are trials lasting from four to six weeks at a minimum. Therefore, they will unavoidably coincide. They will likely extend into October or November of the following year, once again, deliberately planned,” Habba explained to Bream.

In the meantime, a highly-rated syndicated radio host based in Boston commented over the weekend that he believes Trump has already secured the 2024 GOP presidential nomination “at this juncture.”

Howie Carr, in a conversation with Breitbart News’s Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle on SiriusXM, inquired about Carr’s opinion regarding Trump’s chances of securing the nomination, despite facing four indictments – the most recent of which was issued in Fulton County, Georgia, last week. This led to a widely circulated mugshot and garnered the former president increased support within the black community.

The host of “The Howie Carr Show” on WRKO stated, “I don’t see any way Trump could be derailed at this juncture, particularly with the numerous contenders in the field. The competition will only fragment the votes.”

He went on to mention that entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy “is performing fairly well” in the primaries, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has “to some extent, a platform,” but he fails “to perceive any means of obstructing Trump unless an unforeseen incident arises.”

Carr then turned the discussion around and questioned Boyle for his analysis. The SiriusXM host responded that he believes Trump is “on a trajectory to clinch the nomination” and likened the present political climate to that of 2016. Boyle cited immigration as a major concern among the voters he engaged with, similar to the focal point during the 2016 campaign.

Carr asserted that this issue is gaining more prominence in states “far from the border,” such as Massachusetts. He continued, noting that it “is reemerging under the radar and is receiving limited attention from the mainstream media.”

“The influx of undocumented immigrants is happening in states far removed from the border, not only in New York State, although that’s where much of the attention is still concentrated. For instance, just this week, the state took control of a hotel in Yarmouth on Cape Cod, a region that’s somewhat working-class – but also upper class – though predominantly working-class.