(TPM) – Former US President Donald Trump released a statement on Thursday said that Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony to the January 6 Committee was “completely made up.”

“Her whole story was made up, including the fact that I wanted guns to be standing all around me, during my speech. Who would want that?!” Trump’s statement said.

Trump’s statement was paired with a post from Human Events’s Jack Posobiec, which reads, “BREAKING: Multiple sources including one who was at the WH on Jan 6 tell me Cipollone was not there in the am when Hutchinson testified she spoke with him. J6 Cmtes is aware of this discrepancy & are ignoring media inquiries about it. Seem she made up the entire conversation.”

Two Secret Service agents are reportedly willing to testify that then-President Trump did not lunge at a steering wheel or assault them in an attempt to go to the Capitol during the riot on January 6, 2021 as Hutchingson claimed in her testimony.

Cipollone, former White House Counsel under the Trump administration, has been subpoenaed by the Committee.