I have always been skeptical of the idea of chance encounters in life. Instead, I firmly believe in divine appointments.

Recently, a divine appointment took place at our southern border, near the town of Eagle Pass.

On that particular day, there were two conflicting political events – one in Brownsville, Texas, with President Biden, and the other in Eagle Pass, where President Trump enthusiastically greeted border patrol agents upon his arrival.

As President Trump was preparing to depart, he unexpectedly encountered Franklin Graham, the renowned evangelist, who happened to be present on the tarmac. The two men engaged in a brief conversation, after which Graham requested to pray over the president. Images of this moment can be found on my website.

The photograph captured a poignant moment – not of two world leaders, but of two individuals, heads bowed in prayer to the Almighty.

The content of their prayer remains undisclosed, as it should. However, it is reassuring to know that President Trump seeks guidance from wise and godly advisors.