Donald Trump, the ex-president, is urging President Joe Biden to accept his challenge for a debate.

“Dear Joe, now that you’ve committed to debate on the ratings-challenged ‘Howard Stern Show,’ let’s set it up right now,” Trump said in a video posted on Truth Social.

He continued, “I’m ready to go anywhere that you are. We could do it in D.C., even pinpoint the White House, or in New York when your radical-left fascists are finished with the election interference against your political opponent, me, because we’re gonna win and we’re gonna win big.”

“In any event, let’s get it done. The people of our country deserve to know why you have allowed 15 million people in, probably many more than that, into our country from prisons and mental institutions, and terrorists are pouring into our country. They’re invading our country and you’re letting them do it with your open border policy. And it’s a shame what you’re doing to the United States of America. You’re destroying our beautiful, beautiful nation ,” Trump added.


This past week, a reporter asked Biden, “When will you debate President Trump?”

“Set it up!” Biden responded.