(BLP) – To say that the Russo-Ukrainian War is a disaster would be an understatement. On top of that, there’s no sign that the Biden regime has any intention of trying to promote a negotiated settlement between the two warring parties.

Instead, they’re committed to continuing a costly proxy war against Russia as it continues its controversial military operation in Ukraine.

The decision by the United States to not reverse course has worried former President Donald Trump. According to Press TV, Trump believes that President Joe Biden’s bungling of this conflict could turn into a global war.

At the Road to Majority Policy Conference of the Faith and Freedom Coalition that took place last weekend, Trump warned that the US’s military handouts to Ukraine could put the world on the path to World War III.

“We have a war in Ukraine… and perhaps it’s going to lead to World War III because of the way we’re handling it,” Trump declared.

“We just gave $40 billion on top of another $16 billion. So, we’re in for $56 billion,” Trump said with respect to the bloated aid packages the US has signed off on.

“But when you look at Europe – and Germany, and France and all these other countries – they’ve given a tiny fraction, a tiny, tiny fraction of what we’re giving. We’re giving $56 billion and they’re giving a few billion dollars. And they’re the ones who are affected much more so,” Trump observed.

In May, the DC Swamp approved a $40 billion military aid bill whose only opposition came from Republicans in the US House (368-57) and Senate (81-11)

On June 17, 2022, during the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference, Trump stressed that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict would not have broken out under his watch. He stated, “if I were president that would never have happened.”

“If the election weren’t rigged and stolen, we wouldn’t have had any problems with Ukraine being attacked viciously,” Trump stated.

Indeed, Trump may be on to something about what an alternative reality would look like with him at the helm as president for a second term. Unlike Biden, Trump was not as energetic about NATO and was actually quite skeptical of it. Instead, the Trump administration was focused more on pivoting East to China in order to economically contain it.

Biden, on the other hand, is a consummate globalist who is much more committed to working with NATO and other supranational institutions. From the jump, the Biden regime was sending aid to Ukraine and working fast to turn into a de facto NATO proxy.

These factors are likely what pushed Russia, a country that would not tolerate Ukraine joining NATO nor any effort to turn it into anti-Russia project on its doorstep, to pursue its military operation in Ukraine.

Given Trump’s realist instincts and otherworldly ability to negotiate, a Trump victory in 2024 is likely the best chance for a negotiated settlement in this conflict to come about. Flaws and all, Trump is still the most sober of the electable Republican candidates out there on foreign policy matters.