Former president Donald Trump has recently launched his own line of shoes, hoping that his supporters will embrace the message behind it. The exclusive brand was unveiled at “Sneaker Con,” which Trump has dubbed as “The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth.”

According to AP, the shoes are shiny gold high tops featuring an American flag detail on the back, and are being marketed as “Never Surrender High-Tops” for $399 on a newly launched website. This website also offers other Trump-branded shoes, as well as “Victory47” cologne and perfume priced at $99 per bottle.

If Trump is elected again in 2024, he will become the 47th president. Despite claims that the website is not affiliated with Trump’s campaign, online posts by Trump campaign officials have promoted the brand.

The website indicates that it is operated by CIC Ventures LLC, a company that Trump disclosed owning in his 2023 financial disclosure. The website affirms that the new venture is non-political and unrelated to any political campaign, as per the AP report.

The sneakers are characterized as a limited-edition, numbered “true collector’s item” that embodies qualities such as boldness, gold color, and toughness, similar to President Trump.