Former President Trump pledged to repatriate the large number of undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border of the United States to their respective countries, regardless of whether those nations are willing to accept them, at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Tuesday.

“When I’m president, instead of asking you to cram illegal aliens into your homes, I’ll tell you that the illegal alien trespassers … they must go back to their homes, they have to go back,” Trump promised.

“Because no country, no country can withstand this invasion,” he railed on. “There isn’t a country in the world that can… I don’t care how much money – and we don’t, we owe $34 trillion. There’s no country in the world who could withstand the cost of this, and maybe be more important than actual dollar cost, the cost that it’s doing it’s wrecking our civilization, it’s destroying our country.”

“On day one I will seal the border and we’ll begin the largest domestic deportation operation in the history of our country. And if other countries say they won’t take them back ‘We’re not going to take them back.’ I will say that… uhhhh, yeah here they come. You’re just going to hold on, hold on to your britches, ’cause here they come. They’re coming back. Congratulations,” he said.

Trump utilized the occasion as an opportunity to introduce a fresh catchphrase, “Stop Biden’s Border Bloodbath,” seemingly aiming to reclaim the term “bloodbath” that was heavily criticized by the liberal media in March.

Within the event, the Police Officers Association of Michigan officially endorsed Trump for the presidency.

James Tiganelli, the President of the Association, provided a detailed account of the chaotic process that has allowed more than 3 million undocumented immigrants to enter the United States through the southern border. Tiganelli asserted, “Those who enter do so openly during daylight hours. They do so by disregarding our national guard. Subsequently, they are given a gift card, a telephone, or an iPad. They are provided transportation to any desired location within the United States. Then, you expect these law-abiding citizens who are already here to ‘obey the law.’ It appears that there is no longer a valid reason to enforce such expectations,” Tiganelli concluded.