(The Post Millennial) – The Supreme Court will allow the release of presidential documents sought by Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee, which is investigating the riot at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC a year ago.

The justices ruled on Wednesday against former President Donald Trump, who attempted to withhold the documents from the committee until the issue was resolved by the courts, citing executive privilege. Trump’s lawyers reportedly attempted to prolong the court fight and keep the documents on hold, the Associated Press reported.

Following the decision, there is no impediment to stop the documents from being turned over to the committee. The documents sought after by Congress are held by the National Archives and Records Administration and include presidential diaries, visitor logs, speech drafts, and handwritten notes dealing with Jan. 6, much of which comes from the files of Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Justice Clarence Thomas offered the only dissenting view, saying he would have granted Trump’s request to keep the documents out of the committee’s hands.

Trump’s lawyers asked the Supreme Court to reverse the rulings by the federal appeals court in Washington and block the release of the records after President Joe Biden waived executive privilege over them.

The court acknowledged that there are “serious and substantial concerns” over whether Trump or any other former president can win a court order to prevent the disclosure of records relating to his or her time in the Oval Office.

However, the Supreme Court noted that Trump would’ve failed in his bid to keep the records sealed even if he was still President.

Earlier today, The Post Millennial reported that Ray Epps, who was caught on video urging people to riot, will be testifying before the committee.