(The Post Millennial) – In an interview with The Spectator’s Amber Athey, former President Donald Trump said that it was “shocking” that the Biden administration’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is opening an investigation into angry, concerned parents who make their views known at school board meetings.

Athey asked Trump what he thought of Garland’s setting the FBI to investigate parents who publicly oppose critical race theory at their local school board meetings.

“Well, I’m very surprised that he’d do it,” Trump responded. “The local boards have gone out of their way to really take over the school system and to do things that a lot of the parents disagree with—I would say almost all of the parents disagree with.

“It’s shocking what they’re doing,” Trump continued. “So I was surprised to see it. The school boards have really been changing. They first, they changed for the worse. Now they’re changing for the better because parents are really up in arms about all of the things their children are being taught and they don’t want that. They want to have a more traditional, more, let’s say, more American form of education. And that’s not what’s happening. So I was a little bit surprised by it.”

Athey asked Trump his thoughts on the politicizing of the Department of Justice under Biden. Trump addressed the increased crime rates in major cities, but as to Garland, said “No, I think that he’s a good man. I think he is a person that, you know, believes liberally.”

“Somebody else” Trump continued, “would have gone in and it might have been different. You could have had somebody that would have been radical left. I don’t think he’s radical left, but not everybody would agree with what he’s doing, having to do with school boards. And I guess people would like to see no politics involved. That includes going after people that are political or politicians with local, state and federal prosecutors, which is happening too, at a far greater rate. The Republicans tend not to do that anywhere near the amount. But no, I don’t think they would want a do-over.”

Unlike President Biden who said the badgering of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was “part of the process,” former President Trump said the protesters who followed Sinema into the restroom were “radical people and they’re hurting our country very badly.”

He also opined on the state of infrastructure bill negotiations going on in Congress.

When it came to the results of the Arizona audit, former President Trump believed that despite the clear findings in the report, the establishment media played political football in their reporting of the results and it twisted the public’s perception of the situation.

Former President Trump pegged the current vaccine hesitancy over people’s “lack of trust in Biden.” As for his personal stance over COVID vaccines in general, he was very optimistic.

“Look, I’m a believer of the vaccine. I’m the one that came up with it in nine months or less. And I think millions and millions of people, I think lives have been saved all over the world. I’m very proud of the vaccine and they could have never done it. I did it in less than nine months. We’re supposed to be five years and at the end of five years, most people thought you wouldn’t have it. And it does work. It’s very effective — came up with three of them and came up with other things, like Regeneron therapeutics. So very proud of it.”

When it came to the crisis on the US-Mexico border, Trump made it clear from the outset that he knows that the recent incident involving Haitian migrants didn’t involve “whips. It was the reigns of the horse. It wasn’t whips.”

The former President quickly brought back his answer to being about how the USA can’t handle such an influx of migrants that Biden is letting in, currently.

It mixed into Trump’s stance on Biden’s foreign policy failures in Afghanistan and who exactly got into the country as a result of that. Especially how the perception came off to America’s adversaries in Russia and China.

Amber Athey tried asking Trump about Hunter Biden still having a ten percent stake in a Chinese company but he ended up riffing on general Democrat lawlessness instead.