Tolerant leftists escort white Trump supporter out of Antifa-occupied zone

(Infowars) – Things are getting rowdy in the Antifa-occupied region known as CHAZ, located in downtown Seattle, as protesters escort a bold Trump supporter through the neighborhood after others steal stole his flag. Tune in to an exclusive feed from Antifa-stan!

Flashback: Antifa Attacks Visitors With American Flags Entering Seattle ‘Autonomous Zone’

A group of people carrying American flags were attacked by Antifa after entering the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) on Saturday.

The flag-carrying group were met with hostility as they entered the zone, with some leftists telling them to “go home” and that they were not welcome within the zone. Some warned other CHAZ residents to not give them attention.

After one of the flag-bearers called CHAZ a “communist hellhole,” the residents took offense and the somewhat peaceful situation began to deteriorate.

An Antifa soon ran up and stole an American flag one of the women was holding as they were approaching the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct building.

At that point, the group decided to turn around for their safety.

One Antifa is heard saying: “They’re white supremacists. They don’t deserve to talk.”

Another CHAZ resident asks him how a black man simply holding an American flag makes him a white supremacist, illustrating a lack of ideological consensus among the CHAZ society.

As the flag-wavers were leaving, Antifa poured a cup of unknown liquid on the them and unsuccessfully tried to steal another flag.

Contrary to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s comments about the Antifa occupation of downtown Seattle being a “block party atmosphere” and a “summer of love,” footage on the ground shows the society is violent and hostile to outsiders with viewpoints that aren’t far-left.

Video: Antifa created their own country in downtown Seattle, and things aren’t going so well.