Former President Donald Trump has emphatically declared his refusal to accept any plea deal related to his ongoing indictments.

During an event at the Iowa State Fair, Trump was questioned about the reports suggesting his impending indictment in Fulton County, Georgia. According to Mediaite, he responded with a forceful message aimed at District Attorney Fani Willis.

When asked if he would consider a plea deal in Georgia, Trump retorted, “We did nothing wrong. We don’t ever take a plea deal. We don’t take plea deals. It’s a wise guy question. You’re just a wise guy. We don’t take plea deals because I did nothing wrong. It’s called election interference.”

Trump reaffirmed his stance that he will not entertain any plea deal, repeatedly emphasizing his innocence.

He continued by asserting that the indictments are a result of President Biden’s influence, criticizing Biden’s ability to lead and his handling of the election. Trump mockingly remarked on the recent appointment of a special counsel, describing it as a laughable move that lacks seriousness.

Addressing the nation’s challenges, Trump expressed his determination to rectify what he perceived as a severe decline in the country. He highlighted his commitment to restoring America’s greatness.

Trump is currently facing charges of falsifying business records, filed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Special Counsel Jack Smith has secured two indictments against Trump: one concerning classified documents discovered at his Mar-a-Lago estate and the other related to his legal challenges to the 2020 election.

Further indictments involving Trump and others are anticipated in the case, with sources indicating District Attorney Fani Willis is seeking more than a dozen.

Should Trump be charged, Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat affirmed that standard procedures will be followed, without any special treatment based on his status.

In response to a series of attacks against her, Willis defended her actions, emphasizing that prosecutions carried out by her and her colleagues are purely professional and not personal. She urged her staff not to respond to derogatory ads targeting her. Willis underlined her commitment to maintaining a businesslike approach devoid of personal biases in the pursuit of justice.