(TStarnes) – Fox News is preparing to unveil a massive shakeup in its primetime lineup that executives hope will stop the massive exodus of conservative viewers, Drudge Report has learned.

“A schedule where every hour of primetime will change,” the website reported.

Drudge reports that veteran Fox host Sean Hannity will replace Tucker Carlson. Meanwhile, Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld are expected to get primetime shows.

“It’s our boldest and most fearless line-up ever,” a source told Drudge.

The website posted its exclusive in typical Drudge fashion with a bold-faced, all caps headline: “HANNITY FOXNEWS SHOWCASE: MOVES TO 8 P.M.”

Fox News has lost millions of viewers since Carlson was “fired.” Many of those viewers have found a home at Newsmax.

In the most recent primetime ratings, Newsmax has surpassed CNN’s audience in viewership.

Fox News has not responded to media inquiries about Drudge’s report.