(TStarnes) – Former President Donald Trump is calling on the nation to pray for the “safety and security and the success and future success of our country.”

When asked on a Pastors4Trump call Monday night how believers could pray for him, Trump made the plea for the United States the night before he predicted he would be arrested from the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation.

“The best thing you can do for me is to pray for our country and the safety of our country because the danger we’re in now, I think, is greater than any danger we’ve ever had,” Trump said.

The 2024 Republican presidential candidate added, “we have no leader. We are not a respected country by these other very hostile countries, and some cases, very hostile. And I think the greatest thing I could ask for is prayer for our country and our safety and we have to get through this period of time for the United States of America.”

Administrators said the call, which included Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, was abruptly stopped and they aren’t sure why it got cut off.

“We do know the left is not interested in the truth. They hate President Trump. And there were some concerns that perhaps some bad actors were involved in preventing the effort to pray for President Trump and the country,” administrators concluded.