Former President Donald Trump has unveiled a new strategy aimed at combating the increasing crime rates across the nation. This initiative comes at a time when many lawmakers in the capital city are experiencing a sense of insecurity.

During an extensive interview, Trump expressed that people across the country are weary of witnessing incidents such as store thefts, assaults on neighbors, and frequent car thefts. These issues are occurring in the midst of “criminal reform” policies put in place by far-left district attorneys who opt not to pursue charges against lawbreakers.

“Trump says if re-elected to the White House he will enact a sweeping new law-and-order agenda that will create federal authority for stop-and-frisk policies and new indemnification from lawsuits to help local police fighting intensifying crime in blue urban areas,” Just the News reported.

“You know, we’re a laughingstock all over the world,” he told a town hall-style event sponsored by the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) and televised nationally on the Real America’s Voice network.

“No other country has this, where our police are great, but they’re not allowed to do anything because they’re standing there watching these kids walk out with very expensive items, destroying businesses. And then the business closes, and they have empty stores all over the place,” Trump added.

The former president, in his proposal to combat crime, detailed several new strategies. Among these measures is the establishment of federal jurisdiction to enforce stop-and-frisk policies, similar to those implemented during Rudy Giuliani’s tenure as Mayor of New York City. These policies resulted in a considerable reduction in violent crime rates within the city.

“You have to also do a stop-and-frisk program,” he said. “You know, we had stop and frisk in New York, Rudy Giuliani did it incredibly. … They did strong but fair stop-and-frisk. And it worked.

“You’re gonna have to do it. And if you don’t do it, your cities, you can’t walk down the street,“ he added. “These people, they go for a loaf of bread, they end up being shot and killed.”

Trump urged law enforcement authorities to adopt more proactive and forceful approaches to address the spikes in violent crime affecting urban areas. He stressed the necessity of holding wrongdoers accountable and creating a strong deterrent to discourage them from engaging in future criminal activities.

“If you spent one really tough, vicious day and you tell them don’t ever do it again because if you do it again, people are going to get seriously hurt if you walk out of a store carrying two television sets under your arms. It would stop immediately. Stop immediately. All over the country,” he said.

The ex-president, who currently holds a substantial lead of 40 to 50 points over other 2024 GOP candidates in polls, expressed his intention to work with Congress to implement additional protective measures, including provisions for indemnification. These measures are designed to enhance the confidence of law enforcement officers in their efforts to combat crime and apprehend criminals. Some cities and states are presently eliminating qualified immunity for officers in connection with their official duties.

“You’re not allowed to do anything because they (officers) don’t want to lose their family, their pension, their house, their wife. … And they say, ‘All right, look, we can’t do anything.‘ They’re told not to do anything.

“And one thing I’m going to do is on a federal basis, I’m going to indemnify any and all police officers from having a problem,” he added. “Now people will say, well, that’s bad, because some will be bad actors. But it’s very few. But we’re going to indemnify the police. We’re going to indemnify the city. And we’re going to indemnify the state. … So that they can fight without having to worry about the fact that they’ll spend the next 10 years in court.”