(The Post Millennial) – After “The View” co-host Joy Behar vowed to wear a mask in public “indefinitely,” she was photographed maskless dining in a New York City restaurant.

The Post Millennial’s editor-in-chief Libby Emmons pointed out the hypocrisy on Twitter with pictures of Behar unmasked in a booth at the eatery with friends.

“Joy Behar said she was going to mask in public places ‘indefinitely’ because it’s just not safe. Except for last night out at this restaurant, apparently,” Emmons tweeted Friday afternoon, adding: “I hear that she also walked out of the restaurant unmasked, though her companions dutifully donned theirs.”

Behar had just made the pledge to mask up in public for an indefinite period Thursday on the ABC daytime talk show during a segment discussing how the CDC will ease its guidance on mask-wearing, the New York Post reported.

“Personally, I listen to the little voice in my head that doesn’t really follow 100 percent what they tell me because they keep changing it,” Behar stated.

“So if I go on the subway, if I go in a bus, if I go into the theater …. a crowded place, I would wear a mask, and I might do that indefinitely. Why do I need the flu or a cold even? And so I’m listening to myself right now. I don’t think it’s 100% safe yet,” the liberal commentator said emphatically on “The View.”

Last month, “The View” co-host Sara Haines said, pushing the “new normal” narrative, that she may never feel comfortable again unless she’s wearing a mask.

“I think some of the things we’ve learned in this pandemic are gonna stay the same. I may never ride a subway again without a mask. I may never go indoors to big crowds and feel comfortable without a mask, and it’s up to me to do that.”

“The View” has found itself enmeshed in its fair share of controversy recently. Outspoken co-host Whoopi Goldberg, herself a huge supporter of masks on the show, was suspended from the show for two weeks, following an offensive statement she made about the Holocaust not being about race.