Jeff Zeleny, CNN’s chief national affairs correspondent, reported on Monday that swing-state voters expressed their disgust and weariness with former President Donald Trump’s trial.

According to polling data from New York Times/Siena College released on Monday, Trump is ahead of President Joe Biden by 13% among likely voters in Nevada, 9% in Georgia, 6% in Arizona, 3% in Pennsylvania, and 1% in Wisconsin. Zeleny noted that the polling suggests there hasn’t been any negative political consequences to Trump’s trial so far, and that voters are currently more concerned about the economy.

“This is a reminder … that we have no idea at all, the political fallout from this, if there is any, from this trial,” Zeleny said. “It’s kind of remarkable to think that there wouldn’t be, but if you look at these battleground states that are going to be central to this reelection, the former president is beating the current president outside the margin of error in every state but two, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.”

“We will have to wait and see what this verdict is and how voters are assessing it,” he added. “But as I talk to voters across the country in these battleground states … many of them aren’t paying attention at all and are disgusted and sort of tired with this, but the numbers beyond the horse race are so interesting. The reason that President Biden is having problems, it’s because of young voters, voters of color, inflation. That is the issue on the minds of voters, not this.”