Paul Begala, a former strategist for Bill Clinton, has acknowledged that the recent report by Special Counsel Robert Hur has had a significant impact on the Democrats. As reported by Slay News, Hur’s report focused on President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents. However, Hur concluded that pursuing charges against Biden would be futile due to his advanced age and poor memory.

In interviews with the president, Biden struggled to recall even the year his son Beau passed away. Hur noted that the president couldn’t provide a rough estimate within a few years. Based on this, Hur believed that a jury would perceive Biden as a frail and forgetful elderly man, making it unlikely to secure a conviction. Begala, who currently serves as a political commentator on CNN, cautions that the report is detrimental to the Democrats.

During a CNN appearance, Begala humorously shared that he had a restless night’s sleep, jokingly comparing it to waking up every two hours crying and metaphorically “wetting the bed” due to his concerns about Hur’s report on Biden’s handling of classified documents.