An increasing number of Democrats are expressing concerns that President Joe Biden is not taking sufficient measures to counter the growing influence of former President Donald Trump. Trump has been gaining accolades and gathering more support, particularly following the release of his mugshot by Fulton County, Georgia, in the late previous month.

As reported by NBC News, the day after Trump’s arrest and booking on charges related to his alleged interference in Georgia’s 2020 election, the Biden campaign released a video in multiple battleground states. However, notably, the video focused on the topic of abortion.

“The president’s seeming disconnect from a major, consequential day in politics was as purposeful as it was predictable. It follows a long-held practice for Biden — one he adhered to after three previous indictments of the GOP front-runner: Stay quiet while Trump tries to convince Americans that Biden has abused the power of the presidency to sideline his likely 2024 election opponent,” the network reported.

Nonetheless, this cautious approach is not solely limited to handling Trump’s legal matters, as Biden’s advisors emphasize the intention to demonstrate the independence of his Justice Department from the White House.

Biden has adopted a broader strategy of restraint, which involves infrequent mentions of Trump’s name and a deliberate choice to avoid retaliation when opportunities arise, as further noted by the outlet.

The President’s most trusted political advisors have decided that he will refrain from engaging in day-to-day political conflicts until the upcoming spring, akin to the approach employed by former President Barack Obama during his 2012 re-election campaign.

However, this decision has allowed the former president to launch unreciprocated attacks for several months. It’s a political gamble that has raised concerns among some of Biden’s supporters due to the potential for politically risky consequences, as reported by NBC News.

Chuck Rocha, a Democratic strategist who played a senior role in Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, joined the chorus of Democrats who praised Biden’s messaging strategy. At the same time, he pointed out the inherent risks associated with this calculated approach.

“You need to be able to draw a distinct contrast, and they’re banking on Trump making his own contrast,” he said of Biden and his senior advisers.

“What Trump has done is so egregious, so beyond the pale that I think we all have to take a very firm and aggressive and hostile stand against him,” former Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio told the outlet as he went on to claim that Trump and 18 others charged with him in Georgia “literally tried to end the United States as we know it.”

“There needs to be a unifying approach here,” Ryan added. “It’s natural the president would lead that.”