Democrats are growing more apprehensive about President Joe Biden as his approval ratings decline, his cognitive abilities seem to be deteriorating, and his son, Hunter Biden, faces an increasing number of federal charges.

According to an article in The Hill, Douglas MacKinnon, a political and communications consultant with experience in the Reagan and Bush 41 administrations, proposed that the president’s challenges have reached such a critical point that Democrats may be privately contemplating approaching first lady Jill Biden. Their aim would be to explore the possibility of persuading President Biden to withdraw from his reelection campaign.

“Long before the latest charges against Hunter Biden, the Biden name had become for many a literal punchline,” his column began.

“Each passing week brings more and more Democrats or left-leaning journalists openly bemoaning that President Joe Biden will be their nominee for 2024. Left-leaning editor and Biden fan Harold Meyerson has a piece out titled ‘Are Democrats Sleepwalking to Disaster?’ The main premise is that ‘Biden is the candidate least able to defeat Donald Trump’ and that other Democrats need to enter the race,’” MacKinnon wrote.

He proceeded to mention that, despite their disagreements, he acknowledges Biden’s position as the president and believes he should be treated accordingly. Additionally, MacKinnon expressed empathy towards Biden as a fellow human being and admitted that he does not derive any satisfaction from witnessing numerous video clips of an aging Biden being shared online every week.

He added:

“Beyond the partisan bloodlust, we come to the legal.

Law professor Jonathan Turley wrote a column for The Hill titled “With Hunter’s indictment, Democrats face a moment of maddening truth.” That “truth” being that the blanket of corruption has seemingly — and alarmingly — settled over the Biden White House. As Turley writes, “According to recent polling, nearly 70 percent of voters (and 40 percent of Democrats) believe that Biden has acted unlawfully or unethically or both.”

Those are Nixon-like numbers of perceived corruption.”

Turley went on to write: “It is now clear that Biden lied when he maintained as a candidate, and later as president, that he had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings with foreign interests … It is also now clear that he lied in denying that his son never made money in China. The indictment confirms massive transfers from Chinese sources.”

MacKinnon further highlighted that additional individuals from Biden’s family have also been implicated in questionable business transactions, which not only favored them but potentially contributed to the current president’s financial gain. This raises the crucial inquiry: When does the accumulation of such instances reach a saturation point?

“As we accelerate toward election day 2024, it’s becoming clear that there is only one person in the country who might be able to dissuade President Biden from seeking a second term. That person being his wife, Jill Biden,” MacKinnon wrote.

MacKinnon stated that Jill and Joe seem to have a genuine concern for one another and that the first lady prioritizes her husband’s well-being: “This creates possibly the most important political question of the election: To protect her husband and the greater Biden name, will the first lady quietly but insistently intercede to convince President Biden that it is in his best interests — and that of their family — not to run for reelection?”

He subsequently expressed that each conservative and Republican individual he converses with is anticipating Joe Biden to continue as the Democrats’ presidential nominee for 2024. He then went on to say that every Democrat he knows “is hoping that Biden steps aside and gives his approval to the Democratic National Committee to open the process so Vice President Kamala Harris, California Gov. Gavin Newsom and others can battle it out for the 2024 nomination.”

Right now, he concluded, “it appears that only one person in the country can make those Democratic hopes become a reality: first lady Jill Biden.”