Sean Gravells, the former President of the North Peace Pride Society (NPPS), has been apprehended by the police on December 31 for his alleged involvement in heinous crimes against children, according to prosecutors.

The British Columbia resident now faces charges including sexual interference with a minor, engaging in physical contact with a minor for sexual purposes, and possession, importation, or distribution of child p*rn*grap*y. These charges were disclosed in a statement provided to CBC News by Dan McLaughlin, a spokesperson for the B.C. Prosecution Service (BCPS).

NPPS announced on Friday via a statement on Facebook that Gravells has been dismissed from his role following his arrest for the reported offenses. As per CBC News, the ex-president of pride is accused of engaging in interference and exploitation activities on December 29, 2023, and child p*rn*grap*y offenses on December 31, 2023, in the vicinity of Fort St. John, as stated by the BCPS representative.

“On December 31, 2023, one of our board members was arrested and is facing severe charges inconsistent with the North Peace Pride Society’s mission and code of conduct,” the NPPS wrote in the statement.

“In response to the gravity of the charges, we have immediately removed this person from the board, emphasizing our commitment to our community’s values.”

The NPPS statement emphasized that prompt measures were taken as soon as the pride organization became aware of the serious allegations against the 39-year-old suspect.

According to a biography on the NPPS website, Gravells served as the board president from 2018 until his termination, although this information has since been removed.

The NPPS statement clarified that Gravells did not have direct interaction with children in his role.

“While some board members work directly with youth through library programs, this person was not among them,” the NPPS wrote in the statement.

“All board members involved in youth programs have undergone criminal record checks.

“Moving forward, we remain dedicated to community safety.

“We are implementing measures such as subjecting all board members to record checks to uphold the highest standards.”