According to conservative activist and CRT expert Christopher Rufo, the University of Florida has terminated all of its employees who were involved in matters of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

“University of Florida has fired all employees related to DEI. The conservative counter-revolution has begun,” Rufo announced:

Rufo’s post featured a screenshot displaying an internal email sent by University of Florida officials to their faculty and staff. The email informed recipients about the closure of the university’s “Office of the Chief Diversity Officer,” the elimination of “DEI positions and administrative appointments,” and the suspension of “DEI-focused contracts with outside vendors.” This decision was made to adhere to the Florida Board of Governance’s regulation on prohibited expenditures. Additionally, University of Florida officials mentioned that employees affected by these changes would receive twelve weeks of pay and could apply for alternative positions within the institution during this period.

“HR will work to fast-track the interview process and provide an answer on all applications within the twelve-week window,” the email read.

Moreover, “the Office of the Chief Financial Officer will reallocate the approximately $5 million in funds,” previously used for DEI-related expenses, “into a faculty recruitment fund to be administered by the Office of the Provost,” the email added.

The email concluded by reassuring faculty that “the University of Florida is — and always will be — unwavering in our commitment to universal human dignity.”

“As we educate students by thoughtfully engaging a wide range of ideas and views, we will continue to foster a community of trust and respect for every member of the Gator Nation,” the email asserted.