(The Post Millennial) – On Thursday morning, Tulsi Gabbard, former US Representative and presidential nominee, slammed the main stream media and democratic politicians for labeling Kyle Rittenhouse, who is currently on trial, a “white supremacist terrorist.”

“With no evidence, MSM & antifa-loving politicians immediately labeled Rittenhouse a white supremacist terrorist,” Gabbard posted on Twitter.

“It’s obvious now that he was just a foolish kid who felt he needed to protect people & the community from rioters & arsonists because the government failed to do so,” it continued.

“The prosecutor in this Rittenhouse trial obviously did not do his due diligence before making the decision to prosecute,” said Gabbard in the video. “This tragedy never would have happened if the government had simply carried out its responsibilities to protect the safety, lives, and property of innocent people.”

Rittenhouse is currently on trial for fatally shooting two people and wounding another during the night of August 25, 2020, as the riot in Kenosha took place.

Rittenhouse’s defense is making the case that he acted in self defense, with Rittenhouse testifying on Wednesday that if he hadn’t shot those running after him, they would have attacked him further.

Gabbard expanded on the thoughts expressed on her Twitter video in a Fox News interview Thursday night, telling host Lawrence Jones “the mainstream media pro-Antifa politicians were very quick to say this kid is a white supremacist terrorist.”

“And so even at that time, in the midst of all of that chaos, there was no interest in saying hey, you know what, this is a tragedy —the crisis that the city is facing is is a tragedy, It’s actually wait and follow the evidence and let this work itself through our judicial system,” said Gabbard.

“The government absolutely failed to fulfill this most basic responsibility of keeping their community safe. Kyle Rittenhouse shouldn’t have gone and done what he did. But as you said, you know he’s a foolish kid who, like others in the community, felt like they had no other choice but to step up and to try to do their part to keep people safe,” she continued.