(SNews) – Radical Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has admitted to pushing false claims blaming Israel for the Gaza hospital explosion.

However, despite walking back the claims, Omar refused to apologize for promoting, what she called, “misinformation.”

Instead, Omar blames “information” on Twitter/X that is “often unreliable.”

Rather than offer an apology for not checking her own sources, Omar blasted X by claiming that “misinformation is rampant” on the platform.

Omar was among several prominent Democrats and corporate media figures who rushed to believe Hamas’s claims that an Israeli airstrike was responsible for an attack on the hospital.

Hundreds of civilians were reportedly killed.

However, both the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Biden administration have debunked the terrorist group’s narrative.

Evidence suggests that the explosion came from a misfired rocket from the Islamic Jihad that was meant to strike an Israeli target.

However, the false claims promoted by Hamas and Omar sparked international outcry before they could be disproven, with riots erupting in multiple countries.

“Our office cited an AP report yesterday that the IDF had hit a Baptist hospital in Gaza,” Omar said in a Wednesday night statement.

“Since then, the IDF denied responsibility and the US intelligence assessment is that this was not done by Israel.

“It is a reminder that information is often unreliable and disputed in the fog of war (especially on Twitter where misinformation is rampant).

“We all have a responsibility to ensure information we are sharing is from credible sources and to acknowledge as new reports come in.”

“It is critical that we have a fully independent investigation to determine conclusively who is responsible for this war crime,” Omar added.

Omar initially blasted Israel in reaction to a post from The Associated Press (AP), as Slay News reported.

The AP post read:

“BREAKING: The Gaza Health Ministry says at least 500 people killed in an explosion at a hospital that it says was caused by an Israeli airstrike.”

“Bombing a hospital is among the gravest of war crimes,” Omar tweeted Tuesday in response to the AP post.

“The IDF reportedly blowing up one of the few places the injured and wounded can seek medical treatment and shelter during a war is horrific.

“@POTUS needs to push for an immediate ceasefire to end this slaughter.”

Omar’s post, which has not been taken down, has garnered over 10 million views on X.

The post hit with Community Notes that read:

“President Joe Biden has confirmed that the explosion was most likely a result of the misfiring of a Hamas missile.

“Video also shows that the explosion was in a car park and does not appear to have demolished any buildings.”

Critics continued pummeling Omar’s statement on social media.

“You’re still casting doubt on who bombed the hospital, taking Hamas’s line over the U.S. government’s facts that it was Islamic Jihad and not Israel,” the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) reacted.

“Ilhan Omar shared Hamas propaganda for over a day and then blamed @AP for it all,” Townhall.com writer John Hasson posted.

“Shameless,” Hasson added.

“The AP cited—not confirmed—Hamas…” Washington Examiner reporter Julia Johnson pointed out.

“Ilhan Omar shared information that was completely false,” Jewish educator Joel M. Petlin wrote.

“It was a parking lot. It wasn’t 500 casualties.

“It was a PIJ misfired missile.

“What chutzpah to now talk about only using ‘credible sources.’

“She quoted Hamas terrorists!

“She has no business sitting in the US Congress.”

“THIS IS F—ING NOT GOOD ENOUGH,” National Review contributor Pradheep J. Shanker told Omar.

“For 24 hours, you and your colleagues have repeated this lie.

“Even last night, it was clear that AT LEAST THE FACTS WERE IN DOUBT.

“You owe the IDF an apology, frankly.

“And you owe the American people an apology.


“This is as close to an apology as we’re gonna get,” Media Research Center’s Brittany Hughes said.

“Meaning it’s not one.”

“Video and audio evidence, along with analysis of the impact site and intercepted communications, have told us exactly who is responsible,” conservative X personality Sunny McSunnyface wrote.

“This does not remain a Whodunnit.”

While Omar walked back her comments, her fellow Democrat “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) doubled down on her accusations against Israel.

Tlaib further promoted the false propaganda at a pro-Palestinian protest, even after President Biden had spoken out against the accusation.