Unauthorized immigrants are confessing that they are hurrying to enter the United States through the border prior to the pivotal November presidential election. Numerous individuals assert that they are aiming to exploit the open border policies of Democrat President Joe Biden, as they apprehend his potential defeat in the re-election.

In discussions with New York Post journalist Jennie Taer, illegal border crossers expressed their concerns that President Donald Trump, if elected in November, would fortify the Southern Border. Following their unlawful entry into Arizona last week, two migrants from Colombia conveyed their anxieties regarding the forthcoming general election.

“We think with the elections, it will be harder,” 20-year-old Ricardo said.

Ricardo’s sibling, Sebastian, who is 18 years old, expressed, “We are not in favor of Trump.” The Colombian siblings sought asylum after crossing the border unlawfully. They were accommodated at the Yuma Regional Center for Border Health.

As per the Post, Ricardo and Sebastian were then transported by bus to the Phoenix airport. Subsequently, they boarded a flight to New Jersey to reunite with their mother. All expenses were covered by American taxpayers.

As per the Post, Customs and Border Protection agents provided the undocumented immigrants with a court date for an asylum hearing in October. Until then, their stay in the United States will be supported by tax dollars. Under the leadership of Biden, illegal border crossings in the southern region have surged in comparison to the figures during Trump’s administration.

Just last month, Border Patrol agents recorded nearly 180 million encounters at the Southern Border. Throughout Biden’s first term in office, there have been almost 10 million border encounters nationwide. These statistics also encompass a record number of encounters at the U.S. Northern Border.

Biden has consistently urged Congress to address the border crisis, emphasizing that he lacks the authority to halt the influx of undocumented immigrants. However, recent reports suggest that the president is considering issuing an executive order to close the Southern Border, but only if encounters exceed 4,000 per day. On the other hand, Trump, who campaigned on resolving the border crisis and constructing a wall, is once again vowing to take decisive measures to curb illegal immigration. The former president has expressed his intention to carry out the largest deportation in U.S. history, targeting an estimated 15 to 20 million undocumented immigrants.

Additionally, Trump has indicated his willingness to deploy the National Guard for deportation purposes: “These are people that aren’t legally in our country,” he said. “This is an invasion of our country.”