President Joe Biden, a Democrat, expressed satisfaction that the United States Supreme Court did not impede his use of taxpayer funds to alleviate the student debts of college-educated voters before the 2024 election. This display of self-praise has triggered a negative response on social media, with many accusing Biden of undermining democracy.

On Wednesday, Biden delivered a speech at the Julian Dixon Library in Culver City, California. During his address, he highlighted his efforts to cancel a greater amount of student loan debt. The president acknowledged that although the SCOTUS initially halted his student debt relief program, their ruling did not prevent him from pursuing his objective.

“Early in my term, I announced a major plan to provide millions of working families with debt relief for their college student debt,” Biden said.

“Tens of millions of people in debt were literally about to be canceled in debts.

“But my MAGA Republican friends in Congress, elected officials and special interests stepped in and sued us.

“And the Supreme Court blocked it. But that didn’t stop me.”

In June, the Supreme Court made a 6-3 ruling stating that federal law prohibits Biden’s Secretary of Education from canceling over $430 billion in student loan debt. Biden assured that his administration would persist in advocating for his student debt relief proposal.

Recently, he unveiled the Savings on Valuable Education (SAVE) plan. Under this plan, debt will be forgiven for borrowers who have been making payments for at least 10 years and owe $12,000 or less in student loans. Individuals with higher debts will qualify for relief after making an extra year of payments for every additional $1,000 borrowed.