Democrat President Joe Biden has issued a cautionary message to voters regarding the perceived threat to “American democracy” in anticipation of the upcoming 2024 presidential election. According to Biden, if President Donald Trump is re-elected in November, the American people will find themselves trapped in a distressing situation.

The Democrat president asserts that preventing Trump from regaining control of the White House is the sole means by which voters can reflect and proudly declare, “We safeguarded American democracy.” Biden conveyed these assertions on Sunday during a series of campaign events in Nevada, leading up to the state’s primary.

Erroneously, he alleged that Trump harbors dictatorial ambitions due to his promise of “retribution” against his supporters following the events of January 6th.

“We have to keep the White House,” Biden said.

“We must keep the Senate.

Only then “we can say we saved American democracy,” Biden added during his slurring speech.

“Imagine the nightmare of Donald Trump,” he warned.

In the meantime, the Trump campaign reacted to the comments using a similar tone.

“Biden has been a nightmare for this country in just three short years in the White House, and no amount of gaslighting will make Americans forget about all the misery and destruction he has brought.”

Biden’s strategy for re-election is centered around the argument that Trump poses a significant threat to the so-called “American democracy.” In recent months, Democrats have emphasized the importance of preventing Trump from running in the election in order to “preserve democracy.”

However, the White House’s other attempts to rally support have largely been unsuccessful. The economic plan known as “Bidenomics” has been a failure, and the American public is highly skeptical of Biden’s ability to address the border crisis.

Furthermore, Biden trails behind Trump, who is currently the leading contender for the GOP presidential nomination, by a margin of 22 points when voters were asked who would be a more suitable candidate to handle the economy.

According to a national NBC News poll released on Sunday, 55% of registered voters believe that Trump would be the better candidate to navigate the economy, compared to 33% who chose Biden. Trump also holds significant advantages over Biden in areas such as border security (+35 points), possessing the necessary mental and physical health to serve as president (+23), and addressing crime and violence (+21).

Additionally, the 45th president maintains a double-digit lead over Biden in terms of competitiveness and effectiveness (+16), as well as improving America’s global standing (+11).

Overall, the poll indicates that Trump is leading Biden by five percentage points, with 47% of registered voters favoring Trump and 42% favoring Biden in a hypothetical rematch for the 2024 general election.