In a recent poll conducted by Morning Consult/Bloomberg News, it has been found that former President Donald Trump maintains his lead over President Joe Biden and other serious third-party presidential candidates in six out of the seven most competitive swing states. The only exception is Michigan, where both presidents are currently tied in popularity.

While Trump enjoys an advantage over Biden in the overall field, the margins become narrower in a hypothetical head-to-head competition without the presence of third-party candidates. In this scenario, Biden manages to hold a slight lead in one state.

Furthermore, a survey conducted by Bloomberg News/Morning Consult in mid-February revealed that eight out of ten swing state voters believe that Biden, at the age of 81, is displaying significant signs of aging and is deemed too old for another term. This sentiment is not limited to Republican voters, as even reliably Democratic voters in the seven swing states share the belief that Biden is too old, as reported by the UK’s Daily Mail.

The outlet added:

It comes as the Biden administration has been pushing back on concerns over the president’s age and mental acuity after the Special Counsel Robert Hur report earlier this month described the president as an ‘elderly man with poor memory.’