(JTNews) – Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb compares the open border crisis at the southern border to modern day slavery.

“You heard Sheriff Daniels say that slavery is alive and well in this country,” Lamb said on the Wednesday edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “I would venture to say it’s as prolific, if not more prolific than it’s ever been.

He was referring to Cochise County Sheriff Mark Daniels who recently testified in front of Congress where he said that the border was not closed and that the fentanyl trafficking was a major problem.

“By allowing our border security mission and immigration laws to be discretionary, these criminal cartels continue to be the true winners,” Sheriff Daniels said in his testimony. “Their exploitation of mankind is simply modern day slavery.”

According to Sheriff Lamb, the open border is a quick way for women and children to be human trafficked.

“This slavery is slavery of sex trade for the women,” he stated. “They’re enslaving the children in the sex trade and they are extorting the men and making them slaves as well.”

Regarding the drug fentanyl, Lamb referred to it as a poison that is killing so many young people.

“I think it’s disingenuous when people call them overdoses because these are straight up poisonings,” he remarked. “The cartels are putting fentanyl in all of their products. A lot of the fentanyl poisonings that you’re seeing across the country are from fake Xanax.”