(The Post Millennial) – On Saturday, former President Barack Obama claimed that Republicans are “systematically preventing” Americans from voting while he was delivering a campaign speech for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe in Richmond, Virginia. “You have to ask yourself: Why is it Republicans don’t want you to vote?” the former Democrat president asked at the campaign stop.

“All across the country, Democrats are trying to make it easier to vote, not make it harder to vote, and push back on Republicans who are trying to systematically prevent ordinary citizens from making their voices heard,” Obama said.

“Just this past week – some of you probably saw – every Democrat in the Senate supported a bill that would protect the right to vote and ban partisan gerrymandering and reduce the influence of dark money in our politics,” he said.

“Every Democrat voted for it, and every Republican voted against it. Which, by the way – this is a little bit of an aside – but, why is is that Republicans don’t want you to vote?” Obama questioned, not naming the specific policies he was referring to.

Obama’s office did not respond to a comment request from Fox News, asking him to cite examples of Republicans preventing American citizens from voting.

McAuliffe and Republican rival Glenn Youngkin are in a deadlocked race for the governorship, just over a week before Election Day. Both received 46 percent among likely voters, according to the latest Monmouth University survey.

Younkin’s campaign fired back at Obama, calling the former president’s allegations “false statements” in a comment to Fox News on Sunday morning.

“Glenn has addressed this multiple times before Obama came to Virginia to bail Terry out, but instead of writing a story about the former President’s false statements, the press is indulging Terry’s fantasies and lies because he can’t run on his failed record and radical vision for the future,” Youngkin spokesperson Christian Martinez told Fox News, responding to Obama’s claims.

Vice President Kamala Harris has distributed a video campaign endorsement of McAuliffe, urging voters at black Virginia churches to head out to the polls and cast their ballots for her preferred candidate, which is suspected of violating IRS rules. More than 300 Black churches across the state of Virginia will hear from Harris between Oct. 17 and Election Day in the video message that will air during morning services as part of an outreach effort aimed to boost McAuliffe.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is facing a Hatch Act complaint after an ethics watchdog group filed the claim that the Biden spokesperson violated federal law by “endorsing” McAuliffe from the White House briefing room podium.