President Joe Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict has been criticized in a recent report. According to Breitbart, Biden’s recent comments on the matter, including accusations of “indiscriminate bombing” by the IDF, have negatively impacted morale in Israel and reportedly emboldened Hamas terrorists. The report suggests that Biden’s messaging on the Israel-Hamas conflict has been inconsistent and has attempted to appease various factions within and outside of his party.

Breitbart reported:

President Joe Biden trashed Israel and the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a private fundraiser in Washington, DC, on Friday, after telling guests at the White House Hanukkah party the night before of his admiration for Israel.

It is also being celebrated by Israel’s enemies, who believe that if an American president says something — even something provably false, like “indiscriminate bombing” — you can regard it as a political fact.

Biden’s remarks took a political turn when he strongly urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to exclude democratically-elected right-wing parties from his government. The president expressed concern that Israel’s perceived “hardline” government hinders international support for its efforts against Hamas.

While Biden and fellow Democrats persist in advocating for a two-state solution in Israel, Netanyahu has vehemently rejected such proposals. He has maintained that the Biden-supported Palestinian Authority will not regain power once Israel concludes its military operations.

Fortunately, Netanyahu seems to be unmoved by Biden and left-leaning voices, who may prefer Israel to halt its military actions, enabling HANNAT to regroup.

Recent reports indicate that Biden conveyed to Netanyahu the request to conclude the extensive Gaza invasion by the end of the year.