(The Post Millennial) – During a White House press conference en route to Chicago on Thursday, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that the possibility of requiring vaccination to board commercial flights was “not off the table.”

“On the whole idea of vaccination mandates, vaccination requirements, you’re saying they work. Everybody that’s on this plane has to test — having a vaccination, why not require that for commercial flights as well?” one reporter asked.

“Let me just say this. [inaudible]addressed this already today, but I would say while no options are off the table, we are focused on the aggressive and urgent action like the ones we’ve emphasized today as you just heard me say, the guidance is clear, it’s much safer to travel a fully vaccinated. That’s the focus on,” replied Jean-Pierre.

Currently, there is no overarching vaccine requirement for transportation in the US. In January, the CDC issued an order requiring the wearing of masks by all travelers regardless of vaccination status on conveyances and in transportation hubs.

Conveyances are listed as including “aircraft, train, road vehicle (including rideshares), vessel…or other means of transport, including military transport.”

Many transportation companies, including Amtrak and United Airlines, have implemented vaccine requirements for staff but have yet to issue them to travelers.