(BLP) – America’s Mayor and former President Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is being investigated by prosecutors in Georgia for opposing 2020 presidential election fraud.

Bob Costello, an attorney for Giuliani, made the announcement on Monday that the Fulton County District Attorney’s office let him know Giuliani was in fact under investigation after “asking [the office]probably six or seven times.”

Giuliani will appear on Wednesday before a special grand jury in Georgia. It is unclear whether or not he will use the 5th Amendment, like many have in the overreaching federal Jan. 6 probe, to shield himself from this hostile, Soviet-style farce of an investigation.

Giuliani is being targeted for speaking to Georgia state legislators after Nov. 2020 and spreading so-called conspiracy theories about election fraud. They are trying to criminalize his free speech, set a precedent that eviscerates the 1st Amendment and send a chilling message to vote fraud opponents in future elections.

Big League Politics reported on Giuliani immediately being among the most vocal, high-profile critics of the coordinated election fraud operation that was perpetrated against the people in 2020:

“Donald J. Trump campaign lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani detailed allegations of a “national conspiracy” to steal the 2020 presidential election

“It’s not singular voter fraud in one state. This pattern repeats itself in multiple states.”

Giuliani argued that a prosecutor would conclude that mass-scale voter fraud pervasive in big cities originated from a “centralized location.”

Giuliani spoke with campaign lawyers Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis.

Watch the full press conference below. (Starts at 39:00.)

“This was not an idea of 10 or 12 Democratic bosses,” Giuliani warned ominously. “This was a plan. You’d have to be a fool not to realize that.”

Giuliani cited the tendency for massive ballot dumps in Democratic strongholds of Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta late at night, which eroded strong Donald Trump leads in these respective states and ultimately securing the states for Joe Biden.

Giuliani cited the following legal claims against the veracity of the current results of the 2020 presidential election, in addition to others.

–Republican observers were largely excluded from monitoring the opening of ballots in cities such as Detroit and Philadelphia. Many ballots were opened without Republican observers, after which it is impossible to verify the legal standing of the supposed voter that cast them.

–Many electoral precincts in cities such as Detroit had more votes than registered voters affiliated with the precinct. The Wayne County Board of Canvassers have declined to certify Wayne County’s election results for this very reason.

–Many voters in cities such as Pittsburgh found out that “they” had already voted absentee when they arrived in-person to vote on election day.

–As many as one hundred thousand ballots were delivered in the dead of night to Detroit’s TCF Center the early morning after election day. These ballots were opened after Republican election observers had left for the night. Three eyewitnesses have testified in sworn affidavits that almost all of these ballots were cast exclusively for Joe Biden, and that they were run through vote counting machinery three times!

“Joe Biden told us that he had the best voter fraud team in the world,” cited Giuliani. “They were good, but they weren’t that good, because they left evidence.“‘

The elites are sending a powerful message to anyone who wants to investigate election fraud. There will be major consequences for standing up for truth with the satanic globalists in charge.