Over 700 individuals have tragically lost their lives, with over 2,000 sustaining injuries in the wake of the surprise assault launched by Hamas terrorists against Israel this past Saturday. Prominent Jewish leaders have deemed this the most devastating single-day loss of Jewish lives since the Holocaust.

Reports have also emerged indicating the possible involvement of Americans who may have either lost their lives or been taken captive during these distressing attacks.

In contrast to these grave events, the White House revealed that President Biden spent his afternoon partaking in a barbecue event on the White House lawn. As mentioned in a pool report dispatched shortly after 6 p.m. on Sunday evening, reporters noted the presence of a “live band” at the White House during this time.

“In the late afternoon and early evening, a live band could be heard coming from the area near the Rose Garden. Your pooler asked why a band was playing. From the White House: The President and First Lady are hosting a BBQ for White House Executive Residence Staff and their families,” the pool reporter wrote.

“While Hamas holds Americans hostage, Joe Biden is enjoying a picnic with a live band,” Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley tweeted, accompanied by a screen shoot of a White House Pool report.